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This One Weird Trick Scares Insurance Adjusters

If you have ever been involved in a car accident or had to make a claim on your home owner’s policy, then you are familiar with the worst part of the entire insurance claims process–Insurance Adjusters. Typically, people I talk to who have tried to handle an insurance claim by themselves have a common story. They make their claim and speak to an adjuster. A couple of days later, they call the adjuster, but the adjuster tells them that their claim has been reassigned to another adjuster. After they speak to the new adjuster, another week goes by, and they call the new adjuster again only to be told that another adjuster has been assigned the claim. This goes on over and over again. Wash, rinse, repeat! What is happening (shuffling claims from one adjuster to another) is not an accident or coincidence, it is the insurance company’s strategy.

Insurance adjusters operate under what are known as the Three D’s of Insurance Defense (Delay, Deny, and Defend). By shuffling you around to all of these different adjusters, the insurance company is delaying the settlement of the claim. It’s a very effective strategy by the insurance company, because often times, people get so frustrated, they simply quit and abandon their claim against the insurance company.

Hiring a lawyer at the beginning of the claims process, can avoid this unnecessary delay. When a claim hires me, I send a notice letter to the insurance company letting it know that I represent the client. Typically, the claim gets assigned to one adjuster, and it never moves on to any other adjusters. The result, is that the unnecessary delay is avoided.

The other benefit of hiring a lawyer is that your lawyer will gather the documents and information necessary to prove your claim. This is important for not only getting the most money possible prior to filing a lawsuit, but if the insurance company decides to deny the claim and defend itself in court, the attorney is ready to take the case to court. The result of this is that typically, a lawyer can get a higher settlement for his client than the client can get alone.

Obviously, the question that most potential clients have is, “What is this going to cost me?” At the Law Office of Shaw Clifford, we handle insurance claims (both car accidents and other types of insurance claims) on what is known as a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee means that we at the Law Office of Shaw Clifford only get paid if we recover money on your claim. If no money is recovered, then you owe nothing. If you would like to discuss your car accident or insurance claim with an attorney, call Shaw Clifford 281-794-3738.

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